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by Abe Draper

                    As i petition new adventure
                    my land does guarantee
                    acceptance to a new platoon
                    horizons yet unseen.

                    a heart withstanding dang'rous ground
                    a head absurd, at best,
                    i lend myself to others wants
                    the devil is my guest.

                    My head is low,
                    the prayer sincere,
                    a time for man's demand.
                    Though, true the relic of my faith,
                    I doubt the hour'glass sand.

                    I leave behind my love, my life
                    who promised fears would flee,
                    today i set upon my task
                    to shed my purity.

                    When time comes
                    my eyes are drawn,
                    tis darkness i perceive.
                    I learn there is a newborn child
                    to fill the void i leave.

Abe Draper was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and later moved to Cleveland, Mississippi, where his parents grew up. He attended high school at Bayou Academy, then finished his education at Delta State University. At DSU he studied photography and graphic design. He's now living in Jackson, Mississippi, with his wife Jenni, a nurse. He works in a photography studio downtown during the week and in a restaurant in Ridgeland on the weekends.

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