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USADEEPSOUTH Art, Music, & Writing

Arts at the Ellis Theater ~ Cleveland, Mississippi

Blues Music: Articles and Links

Edward Cohen: Bio and book

Charlotte Conner - "Blue Bottle Tree"

Dudley Pleasants, John Sabin - "Bottle Tree Man"

Don Drane - "Bottletree: folkart"

Evelyn Horan - "Jeannie: A Texas Frontier Girl"

Mary Pat Hyland - "Eudora Welty: 1909 - 2001"

Beth Boswell Jacks - "An Organist Rant"

Beth Boswell Jacks - "Floyd Shaman: Mississippi Sculptor"

Beth Boswell Jacks - "Getting My Mojo Workin'" (dance)

Jamie and Will Jacks - "Highway 61" (photography)

Annie Slater - "Dear Mr. Langley ~ Letter from a Southern Writer"

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