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Articles C to E

Cabbage Patch Battle (The) by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Caddo Lake ~ Texas by Ray Maxie

Calm Is All We Need by Eddie Draper

Camping With Preachers by Leroy Morganti

Candle and the Flame (The) by David Norris

Can You Supersize That Screaming? by Charles W. Dowdy

Capitol Street: then and now by Jerry Dallas

Carol Dunn Roark - Mississippi artist special to USADS

Cats by Thomas Givens

Cement Plant (The) by Floyd Shaman

Chattanooga North Pole (The) by Charles Dowdy

Cherished Keepsakes by Ann Ipock

Chevrolet SSR by Thomas Givens

Chickadee by Bettye Hudson Galloway

Chicken grease, animal parts or Bourbon? by Gene Owens

Chicken (The) by Larry P. Thompson

Children's Poems by Beth Boswell Jacks

Chili and Beans by Kent Fletcher

China Adventure (The) by Bill Boswell, Jr.

Chinese Heart of Texas by Mel Brown

Christ and Culture by Roy Ryan

Christine II by Kent Fletcher

Christmas of Yesteryear (1951) by Walter Redden

Christmas Tea At Mrs. Jewel Armistead's House by Beverly Carol Lucey

Christmas wish for a Southern witch by Michael Crawford

Circle of love -- Alzheimer's disease and Rachael by Hugh Frank Smith

Civil War On Carmack's Farm by Lori C. Byington

Class Reunion Advice by Beth Boswell Jacks

Cleaning Out Memories by Pam Smith Williamson

Clear Springs by Bobbie Ann Mason reviewed by Augusta Russel Scattergood

Cold Biscuits by Shirley Felts

Colored Jeans on the Clothes Line by Barbara Robinson

Columnist turns biker babe by Beth Boswell Jacks

Coming of Age With WLAC by Beth Boswell Jacks

Community Theatre - What's it worth? by Beth Boswell Jacks

Compose by Claude Jones

Confessions of a Killer by Beth Boswell Jacks

Conquering the Wild Blue Yonder by Beth Boswell Jacks

Conspiracy Theory by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Conversion in the New Derael Tent Revival by Brenda Blakely

Cooking Them Collards by Jane Riley

COOP ~ an excerpt by John Braswell

Cops From Madison, Alabama (The) by Steven Gorelick

Cotton Ginning by Tom Givens

Cotton Tails and Tap Sticks by Andy McNeil

Country boy hits the road by David Norris

Country Living by C. W. Hardeman

Country Mouse Offers Tribute to NYC by Beth Boswell Jacks

Coyote Comes To Great River by Terry Everett

Crawfish: Those Delicious Mudbugs! by Beth Boswell Jacks

Crawfish: How to eat 'em by Jane Riley

Crayola Colored Memories by Alita DeBerry

Creeper by Janice Harris

Crossed Up by Bill Fullerton

CSA by Steve Fay

Culinary Kudzu by Keetha DePriest Reed

Curing Colds by Newt Harlan

Customer is Always Wrong (The) by Jackie Cooper

Customer Service by Mike Windham

Czech Boy Supper by Floyd Shaman

Daddy and the Escapades of Henry the Hudson by Alita DeBerry

Dance ~ The Soul's Hidden Language by Beth Boswell Jacks

Dancing the Weight Away by Beth Boswell Jacks

Dangerous! Bulldogs and strays by Ray Maxie

Dan Rather and the Texas truth by Gene Owens

David Ray, poet by David Ray

Dawg Days by David Norris

Day Hands by Tom Givens

Day The KKK Passed My Way (The) by Larry Pace

Day's end is memory time by Dawn Dillon Barrett

Day the Hogs Ate My Little Brother (The) by Newt Harlan

D.D.T. - yum, yum! by Ralph Jones

'Dead Man's Bones' - review by Augusta R. Scattergood

Dear Mr. Langley ~ Letter from a Southern Writer by Annie Slater

Decent 'dogs by Gene Owens

Deep South Expressions and Colloquialisms by Shane Hill

Delilah's Unrolled Cabbage by Jeanine Craig

Delivery Window (The) by Robert L. Hall

Delta (The) by Mavis Turner

Delta Blues Symposium by Frances Malpezzi

Delta Evolution by Bonnie B. Horton

Delta Factor (The) by Jim Fraiser reviewed by Kent Fletcher

Delta State memories by Tom Givens

Delta Theater (The) by Tom Givens

Devil Made Me Do It (The) by Harvey Gardner

Diary of a Mad Strutter by Beth Boswell Jacks

Diary of the Jones Family's Trip to Oklahoma - July, 1927 by Loyce Patterson Jones

Difference Between Men and Boys (The) by Andy McNeil

Dixie by Randy Hill

Dixie - Part II by Randy Hill

Dixie - Part III by Randy Hill

Do Boys Ever Grow Up? by Walter Redden

Doctor Calhoun Day by Robert S. Lumsden, Sr.

Dog Bites and Human Rights by Ed Williams

Dog Days by Newt Harlan

Dogs, Cats and Other Ethnic Foods (Of) by Gene Owens

Dogwood Winter by Carolyn Bertram-Arnold

Donald C. Mosley, Sr. ~ A Special Guy by Meredith B. Mosley

Don't give me no thick ankles! by Ed Williams

Don't Go Near the Water, Son, Until You Learn To Swim by Ray Maxie

Double Trouble: Crosseyed Twins by Charles W. Dowdy

Doughnuts, Fries, and Lies by Bonnie B. Horton

Down-Home Southern Desserts and Goodies by USADS Readers

Dragging the Swimming Pool by Betty Beamguard

Draper poems by Eddie Draper

Dredge by David Adams

Driving laws address inattentional blindness -- huh? by Ann Ipock

Driving Queen Charlotte by Laurie O'Hare

Du Cafe au Lait by David Norris

"D" Word (The) by Jo McDivitt

Earl's Haircut and Male Bonding Salon by John Brazell

Earworms by Newt Harlan

Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray reviewed by Augusta R. Scattergood

Eating Dirt by Beth Boswell Jacks

Eau de Whopper: Chick Bait by Gene Owens

Eco-friendly Gardening: Yes, It's Weeds by Carl Wayne Hardeman

Edge by Claude Jones

Edward Cohen: Bio and Book

Eel and the Snake (The) by Jacqueline Brunson

Effie Glassco - Master teacher by Walter Redden

Effie In Her Domain by Charles East

Elderhostel: In Search of Faulkner by Tom Fisher

Ellis Theater Memories (6 pages) by USADS readers

Elvis 101 by Beth Boswell Jacks

Elvis Forever and Ever and . . . by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Encounter at Fuzzy Duck Cafe by Sulvia D. Davis

Essays: 'Christ and Culture' by Roy Ryan

Eudora Welty: 1909 - 2001 by Mary Pat Hyland

Eulogy for My Dog by Frank DiGianni

Even More Southern Expressions - page 1 from off the Net

Even More Southern Expressions - page 2 by USADS Readers

Even More Southern Expressions - page 3 by USADS Readers

Even More Southern Expressions - page 4 by USADS Readers

Even More Southern Expressions - page 5 by USADS Readers

Everything I Need To Know I Learned On The Seesaw by Asa Sparks

Excerpt from Free Falling by Sherri Neilson

Excerpt from Grit, Guts, and Baseball: The Stories of Coach Sank Powe by Beth Boswell Jacks

Excerpt from The Peddler's Grandson: Growing Up Jewish in Mississippi by Edward Cohen

Experts Say . . . by Ed Williams

Explaining the Harley Zoom Zoom Syndrome by Beth Boswell Jacks

Eyeglasses by Claude Jones


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