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Articles - L to N

Lace Cookies by Phil Bratcher

Lady and the Lynx by Jim Holder

Land of Nod Notes by Beth Boswell Jacks

Land Poor by Ray Maxie

Last Hunt (The) by Robert S. Lumsden, Sr.

Last Locomotive North (The) by Kent Fletcher

Last of His Kind (The) by Bettye Galloway

Last Train (The) by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Last Yard Sale (The) by Charlotte Stephens

Laundry Day by Kent Fletcher

Laundry Day by Gail Livesay

Laundry Day and the Lizard by Pam Hauck

Laura's White Castle by Edward Laughlin

Laws Hill Fish House by Carl Wayne Hardeman

Leaving plane phobia behind by Ann Ipock

Lefties Are Right... Sometimes! by Wes Wilson

Legends of Booker County: Daddy Bea by Gilda Griffith Brown

Lemon Coconut Buttermilk Pie by Phil Bratcher

Les Pommes a' Paris by Mary A. Scobey

Letter From Paris - Following 9/11/01 by Augusta Russel Scattergood

Life At Windhams by Asa Sparks

Life's Fears by David O'Bruadair

Lila's Moment of Shame by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Line of Demarcation by Kathy Hardy Rhodes

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Little Girl Again by Brenda Parris Sibley

Little Harlem Club by Jim Harrison

Little Sisters by Monica Murphy

Little Willie: Just Like Boys by Eva Braswell

Living In A Bottled Water World by Bill Melton

Living Southern by Angela Gillaspie

Living With Handicaps by Melba Washington

Looking For a Southern Belle by Ted Garon

Looking for Southern Hospitality: Smokies by Maxine Sommers

Lost Child by Jeanette Williams Davis

Louisiana author: Morace by Cora J. Morace

Louisiana Trivia -- from off the Net

Love and Joy at the Dollar General by Al McSweyn

Love At Last by Mary Scobey

Love Me Some Boys! by Beth Boswell Jacks

Luster Bayless by Tom Givens

Magic Words by Shirley A. Moll

Magnolia (excerpt) by Barbara J. Robinson

Magnolia Poems by Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Make a Joyful Noise by Alita DeBerry

Malapropisms by Marshall Dean

Mama by Bettye Galloway

Mama by Claude Jones

Mama and DNA by Tempa D. Worsham

Mama's Spaghetti and Meatballs by Ralph Gordon

Mamaw and the Night Visitors by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Manassas Memories by Melanie K. Wooten

Man, Mule and Mouse by Curtis Johnson

Maple Tree (The) by Danny Barbare

March 31 by Aamie Burnley

Martins by Hugh Frank Smith

Material Spirit by Carl Schultz

May We Never Forget: a tribute to veterans by Clyde Boswell

Meanderings by Kent Fletcher

Meet Bert Goolsby - South Carolina Writer

Memories ~ Cleveland, Mississippi, Ellis Theater (6 pages) from USADS readers

Memories Lost by Gene Goodson

Memories of a Family Reunion by Randy Hill

Memories of Jody and Josie by Peggy Rice Wright

Memory Flavored Ice Cream by Peggy Rice Wright

Memphis by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Memphis and the Delta by Tom Givens

Memphis Storm by Hugh Frank Smith

Men and their automobiles by Jackie Cooper

Menifee (USS) ~ Korean War by Andy McNeil

Micky's Woods by Carl D. Schultz

Miss Babe by Tom Givens

Missing Mississippi by C. L. Johnson

Mississippi Boy Remembers Viet Nam by Clyde L. Boswell

Mississippi Poems by Avis Corley Porter

Mississippi roots and Graceland by Victor Johnson

Mississippi, The Write Way To Go by Ralph E. Gordon

Mississippi, The Garden of Eden by Carl Wayne Hardeman

Mississippi - The Second Time Around by Bob Civin

Mississippi Trivia -- from off the Net

Miss Minnie's Shoplifting Incident by Kathryn Banks

Miss Virginia by Walter Redden

Mister Carpenter Moves In by Gail Livesay

Mitchell Road Chicken (The) by Ken Fairless

Miz Maes by C. L. Johnson

Miz Odom by Tom Givens

Moments of Memories by Jackie Cooper

Momma Mockingbird by Charles Jones

Montgomery, Alabama -The Cradle of the Confederacy by Maxine Sommers

Moonlighting isn't easy! by Pat Harrington

MoonPies and RC Colas by Edward V. Folkes

Moorhead Picture Show (The) by Jim Harrison

More Links to Southern related sites

More Newspaper Stories about the Deep South

More Snippets by Beth Boswell Jacks

More Southern Recipes by USADS Readers

More South Mouth by USADS Readers

More Than Singing on Sunday Afternoons by Peggy Rice Wright

Morgan Freeman Adds To Weekend Festivities by Tom Givens

Most Marvelous Southern Pageant Ever (The) by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Mother Goose and Me by Walter B. Jackson

Mother-in-law Survival List by Charles W. Dowdy

Mothers are sort of like that by Dawn Dillon Barrett

Mr. Bob Malone's Cadillac by Kent Fletcher

Mr. Foam by Diane Payne

Mrs. Peacock's Peach Kuchen by Amanda Wilkes Roa

Ms. Pimmely's City by Katrina P. Williams

Multi-tasking by Newt Harlan

Musings on Retirement by W. Lee Lewis

My Career by Gene Goodson

My Dog Bob by Jody Correro

My Cousin, My Friend by Beth Boswell Jacks

My Favorite Southern Expressions by Kendall from Louisiana

My Hybrid Children by Laura Bradbard

My Mother's Hands and Smiley Knees by Lisa Christie Boone

My Name is Mr. Bradshaw by Larry Bradshaw

My Natural Home by Kristen Twedt

My New Beau by Jo McDivitt

My New Year Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down List by Beth Boswell Jacks

My Oldest Brother by Gail Livesay

My Old Red Truck by Chloe Tuttle

My Own Amazing Grace by Bettye Rozier Gibson

My Pa by William D. Bennett

My Pet Fat inspires inventor wannabe by Beth Boswell Jacks

My Rendezvous With Gene Hackman by Beth Boswell Jacks

My South by Robert St. John

My South ~ II by Robert St. John

Mystery and mayhem: book reviews by Augusta Russel Scattergood

My Sunny Friend by Walter Jackson

Name Game (The) - Southern Style by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Name List, Southern Style ~ Double Names compiled by Beth Boswell Jacks

Name List, Southern Style ~ Grandparent Names and Nicknames compiled by Beth Boswell Jacks

Name List, Southern Style ~ Unusual and "Old Timey" Names compiled by Beth Boswell Jacks

Names ~ A Guide to Choosing Wisely by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

'Narrow Gate' - excerpt by Eugene Parker

Neither Time Nor Place by Terry Everett

New Books from Southern Writers

New Boots by Dave Hovey

Never too old to hurt by Jackie K. Cooper

New Gate by Wayne L. Carter

News and Weather Foibles by Betty Beamguard

New Southern Drug by Eddie Draper

New Stories From The South~2003 - book review by Augusta R. Scattergood

New Year Birthdays - Poo! by Beth Boswell Jacks

Night Swim by Dana Sieben

No Durian Allowed by David Norris

Noogie Howard by Phil Bratcher

Not So Bad! by C. W. Hardeman


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