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Articles - S to V

Sallie Astor Burdine -- Delta author leaves legacy by Beth Boswell Jacks

Salute to a Hero on Veteran's Day by Ralph Gordon

Salute to South Mouth by Ann Ipock

Santa's Southern Replacement - Off the Net

Saturday Morning Matinee by Larry Blanks

Saturday Night Sweating by Gene Goodson

Saturday nights in Moorhead - 60 years ago by Jim Harrison

Save the Kudzu ~ Fuel of the Future by Gene Owens

S. C. Bottletree by Max Power

School Bus That Spit Fire (The) by Peggy Rice Wright

Scout (The) by Kathy Hardy Rhodes and Ellison Belt

Seasonings by Beverly Carol Lucey

Secrets: What's behind the Green Door? by Newt Harlan

Shadetree mechanics by Newt Harlan

Shadow of Your Breath (The) by Eddie Draper

Shadows in the Moonlight by Ray Maxie

Shaffer, Louise: The Three Miss Margarets book review by Augusta Russel Scattergood

Sharp Eyes by Patricia Harrington

She Always Got Her Fish by Larry Pace

She Was Such A Dear by Charles W. Dowdy

Shlanda's Story by Diane Payne

Shopping For A New Gallbladder by Harvey Gardner

Showing My Donkey At Hardee's by Harvey Gardner

Sic the goats on your kudzu by Gene Owens

Simplicity by Lonnye Sue Pearson

Sing A Song by Dean Sparks

Ski humor: Warning to loudmouths - shhhh! by Beth Boswell Jacks

Skiing On The Catfish Pond by Wes Wilson

Skinny On The Hamburger Helper Diet (The) by Mitch Chase

Slacks (The) by Madeline Otts

Small Towns and the 3-Second Intersection Rule by Charles W. Dowdy

Smiles, Not Fists . . . by Beth Boswell Jacks

Smushed pennies by Newt Harlan

Snake tales by Newt Harlan

Snippets (newspaper columns) by Beth Boswell Jacks

SNIPPETS/jacks ~ book review by Augusta Russel Scattergood

Snorkeling -- A Metaphor For Life by Brian Law

Snowball - My Dog by Clyde L. Boswell

Soldier poetry by Abe Draper

Someday She'll Be My Girl (excerpt) by Joyce Scarbrough

Sometimes chaos evolves into order by David Norris

Sometimes We Just Have To Let Them Go by David Norris

Son Child by John Milton Wesley

Songs of the South by Beverly C. Lucey

Southern Astrological Signs from off the Net

'Southern Baby' magazine special to USADS

Southern books special to USADS

Southern Breakfasts! by Phil Bratcher

Southern Buttermilk Cornbread by Paula Tillery

Southern Comfort Recipes by Bettye R. Gibson

Southern Cooking Makes a Difference by Shirley Keller

Southerner (The) by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Southern Fried Chicken by Edward V. Folkes

Southern Fried Chickie by Christy McBrayer

Southern Funerals: The Roach by Asa Sparks

Southern Gala by Jo McDivitt

Southern Girl In Shanghai by Jennifer Morgan

Southern Homecoming by Randy Hill

Southern Journal - new ezine by Kathy Rhodes

Southern names for the ba-bee! by Wes Wilson

Southern Poems by Lisa Kendrick

Southern Roots Truths by Kent Fletcher

Southern Snakes by Carl Wayne Hardeman

Southern Speak by Beth Boswell Jacks

Southern Speech and Expressions by USADS Readers

Southern Speech and Expressions - Page 2 by USADS Readers

Southern Spotlight: Bill Givens special to USADS

Southern Star by Rebecca Reinwalt

Southern weights and measurements by Carl Wayne Hardeman

Southern Women -- from off the Net

Southern Women by Idgie Threadgoode

Southern Words by Newt Harlan

South rules (The) by Ed Williams

Sparkle Plenty Bombs by Beth Boswell Jacks

Spirits of '76 by Sam Richmond

Spoonerisms by Marshall Dean

Spring Cleaning ~ Here We Go 'Round In Circles by Beth Boswell Jacks

Spring Reveries by Lonnye Sue Pearson

Sprints by Terry Everett

Spudflakes and Chicken-in-a-can by Dorothy Thompson

Squirrel Tails, James Dean, and Piccolino Shoes by Pam Smith Williamson

Station Wagons: cool again by Beth Boswell Jacks

Status by Phil Bratcher

Staying Cool in the Delta by Jim Harrison

Sticky Situation by Kent Fletcher

Stories About Bud and Momma by David Norris

Straw Man (The) by Dave Hovey

STROKE: an excerpt by Carlos Ledson Miller

Student With A Special Heart by Barbara Robinson

Sumbuddy Anser Me! by Gene Goodson

Summer Memories by Kent Fletcher

Summer Memory by Carl Bartlett

Summer Recipes by USADS Readers

Summertime Remembered by Gilda Brown

Summer Vacation, 1967 by Michael Gafford

Superbras and Whiskey by Mike Windham

Surviving Science Project Season by Beth Boswell Jacks

Sweet Dirt and Southern Bones (excerpt) by Cindy Brown

Sweet Home by Jim Goudelock

Sweet Mama's Words of Wisdom by Jackie Gilbreath

Sweet Meets Mr. Richards by Charles H. Nipper

Sweet Memories by Peggy Toney Horton

Swivel Hips, Pitiful and Ugly Mug (excerpt) by Bonnie Gibson

Sword of Light (The) by C. Wayne Dowdy, III

Take A Tip From Me by Joe Lee

Taking A Week Off From Retirement To Do Nothing by Gene Owens

Tales from the Withalacooche by Edward V. Folkes

Talk About the South --quotations from the famous and not so famous.

Talk About the South - II --quotations from the famous

Tangerine Christmas (A) by Lonnye Sue Pearson

Tao T Gets Two by Terry Everett

Tastes Like Chicken by Newt Harlan

Tattoo's mailbag by Gene Goodson

Tee Ball Daddy by Charles W. Dowdy

Temp (The) by Joe Lee

Ten big ones with the Bepper by Charles W. Dowdy

Tennessee Aquarium by Sheila Moss

Ten Commandments for Elevators by Sheila Moss

Ten reasons why I miss Texas by Tiffany Cross

Ten Ways For Deep South Folks To Entertain Telemarketers by Beth Boswell Jacks

Testimony from a foodaholic by Lonnye Sue Pearson

Texas and the Deep South by Randy Hill

Thanks, Daddy by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

Thanksgiving Humor ~ Granny's Confession by Beth Boswell Jacks

That Blame Gossip by Ann Ipock

That's Entertainment ... '50s Style by Newt Harlan

Theater memories - Cleveland, Mississippi ~ Ellis Theater (6 pages) from USADS readers

The '59 by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

There is a mouse in my jeans by Jim Hester

There's One! by Andy McNeil

They Came From The Sky by Robert Hall

Thigh-Master, Move Over by Dana Sieben

Things by Eileen Murray

Thinking About the Good Ol Days by Thomas Givens

Thinking is Powerful Work by Arnold Dyre

This column really stinks! by Charles Dowdy

This Name's For You by Beth Boswell Jacks

This Reindeer Can Fly by Carl Bartlett, Jr.

Three Delta Days by Frank Nichols

Three Ladies, a Canoe . . . and a Gator by Ms Southern Orchid

Three Poems by Danny Barbare

Three Poems by Phil Bratcher

Thrill of the hunt (The) by Ann Ipock

Thrills, Chills, and Spills of Dick's Hill, Georgia (The) by Ed Williams

Thurston's Musings by Thurston Howell

Time is right ~ I mean 'ripe' by Jackie Cooper

'Tis the Season for Reading by Augusta Russel Scattergood

Today's grandmothers: Daring divas and cool chicks by Ann Ipock

Today's Mississippi Woman by Jo McDivitt

To Edith and Bill, With L ove by Beth Boswell Jacks

Too Black To Turn Back by John Milton Wesley

Toothpick stabbings and stinky suits by Charles W. Dowdy

Tornado Chasing a la Dummy by Mike Bay

To Ski or Not To Ski by Beth Boswell Jacks

To the Co-op by Eva Braswell

Tour de France Observations by Beth Boswell Jacks

Trail rides, Cantles and Beans by Beth Boswell Jacks

Training Men To Clean by Ann Ipock

Train They Call "The City of New Orleans" (The) by Chuck Jones

Travelin' Ham (The) by Austin Bunch

Trestles and Dams by Claude Jones

Tribute to Fathers (A) by Larry P. Thompson

Tribute to My Sister by Hugh Frank Smith

Tribute to Veterans by Jerry Calow

Tripping by Claude Jones

Truth About My Shower (The) by Frank Baugh

Turn the Other Cheek by Mark Stowers

Twenty-four Hours by Kent Fletcher

Twins Journal (The) by Charles W. Dowdy

201 Holland Street by Jackie Cooper

Two Fiddlers by Wayne Carter

Two Great Southern Recipes by Lorien Egidy

Two Holer (The) by Judy Lee Green

Two Louisiana Poems by Nita Risher McGlawn

Two Poems by Carolyn Bertram-Arnold

Two Poems by Eddie Draper

Two Poems, Too by Eddie Draper

Two Poems by Claude Jones

Two Poems - II by Claude Jones

Two Poems by Paul Jones (PJ)

Two Poems by Sandi Keaton-Wilson

Two Poems by Tasha Mitchell

Two Stories ~ Charles W. Bennet (oral history) by Dave Norris

Uncle Bob's Empire by Terry Everett

Uncle Buck by Walter B. Jackson

Uncle Willie and the G. P. by Asa Sparks

Uncle Willie and the New Car by Asa Sparks

Uncle Willie and the Prize Deer by Asa Sparks

Uncle Willie and the Worm Sandwich by Asa Sparks

Uncle Willie Gets Masseused by Asa Sparks

Uncle Willie Goes To A Baptizin' by Asa Sparks

Uncle Willie Learns About Wimmin by Asa Sparks

Uncle Willie Shoots a Ford by Asa Sparks

Unconditional Love by Kent Fletcher

Under the Pear Tree by David Norris

Universe is my mother (The) by Allyn Mitchell Evans

Unknown heroes by Monica Murphy

U. S. Doc in Afghanistan by Bennie Wright

Vietnam tapes bring war memories: Kathy Boswell Nichols, Donut Dolly by Beth Boswell Jacks

Visitin' Aint Margret by Pat Keadle


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