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Where Y’all From?
by Carl Bartlett, Jr.

Carl Bartlett is a conversationalist -- uh -- talker,
as are most southern folks with a thing or two to share.
Don't say a word. Just read and chuckle.

This past week my travels took me to Newport News, Virginia. As usual, I checked into one of my favorite hotels and settled down for a good night's rest. Bright and early the next morning I headed downstairs for the breakfast buffet.

There was a large crowd already there enjoying breakfast, so I fixed cereal, coffee and juice, then looked for a place to sit. There was one seat open at a table with four men and a lady. I walked over and asked if I could join them. One of the gentlemen nodded his head, so I sat down.

As soon as I sat down, I started talking. The whole time I was talking everyone at the table was nodding. I guess some people just don't talk much in the morning.

After about twenty minutes I got up to leave, said my goodbyes, and realized I had been the only one talking. If no one else is talking, is it a conversation?

As I turned away to return my tray to the counter, two of the men started talking. In Italian!

Yes, Italian. I guess it was Italian. It sure wasn't English. No wonder they were all nodding. They didn't understand a single word I had been saying. They must have thought, "Who the heck is this crazy guy?"

I had to know if they understood any English at all, so I turned to them and said, "My hair is on fire!"

All five of them just smiled and nodded.

I've learned my lesson. Before I start talking to strangers in a hotel again, I will be sure to ask:

"Where y'all from?"


Carl Bartlett, a native of South Carolina, is a man of many faces: a clown, a magician, and even Santa Claus on a Harley Davidson. Often asked if he's a storyteller, his reply is "I'm more of a talker than a teller."

Inspired by his lovely wife Sandy and his dogs, Harley and Murphy, he's a writer of humorous short stories of travel and family. His hope is that you will enjoy his stories as much as he enjoys writing them, and that they will inspire you to tell your own stories. Write Carl at this address: cbartlettjr.

Visit Carl's web page for a story or two. Better yet, tell him one of yours.

COMMENT on this article:
From: Rose S. Williams
Carl, What a great story! I just love it and the way it is so typical of Southerners; we are such a friendly bunch of folks. Look forward to reading more of your work.

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