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Beer Butt Chicken
by Carl Bartlett, Jr.

All you need for this delicious chicken recipe is:
~~a fresh whole chicken
~~one 12 oz can of ice cold beer
~~your favorite herbs and spices
~~an outdoor grill
~~a mirror
~~one and a half hours

Set your grill on low to medium.

Prepare the chicken by rubbing with your favorite herbs and spices. (The chicken! Not yourself.) Lemon Pepper is one of my favorites.

Now here's the tricky part. Open the can of beer and take one swallow. This is the most important step, but not for the reason you think. I'll explain later.

Now stick the open can of beer up the chicken's . . . Place the open can of beer inside the chicken and set upright on the grill (the chicken, not yourself).

The chicken legs and can of beer will form a tripod.

I know you're getting a mental picture of this and laughing, aren't you? Quit laughing . . . this is serious cooking. (Yeah right--no cooking is serious, I'm serious.)

Now close the lid, talk, socialize and drink beer for an hour and a half. Hopefully you're not by yourself when you do this . . . talking that is. Don't talk to the chicken

Check on the chicken occasson . . . ocass . . . ocassi . . . now and then!

BBQ sauce, if you like, should be coated about the last 15 minutes.

Carefully remove the can of beer. Caveat: The can will be really HOT. I say that because you've been drinking beer for an hour and a half and may have forgotten it's been sitting on a hot grill. When you remove the can it will be almost full. Be careful and wear a glove . . . not a surgical glove.

Now sit in front of the mirror . . . you forgot about it, didn't you? Watch yourself smile when you taste what you just cooked.

Back to that most important first step. OPEN THE CAN OF BEER AND TAKE A SWALLOW. Why? If you ever use this recipe and stick an unopened can of beer up a chicken’s . . . place an unopened can of beer inside the chicken, the top of your grill may need replacing. Beer Butt Chicken may become Rocket Chicken.

If beer is not aprop . . . approap . . . apropp . . . If you don't drink beer you can use various fruit juices too. The hot liquid helps cook the chicken from the inside and adds flavor.

Hope you enjoy my little recipe.

Bon appetite.

Cookin Carl


Carl Bartlett says:
“Visit my web page for a story or two of mine or, better yet, tell me one of yours." ~~ Carl’s Web Site

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