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A Letter to USADEEPSOUTH Writers
from Beth Boswell Jacks, Editor

Fall ~ 2011

Dear Writers,

Finally! We've taken a long break to get reorganized. That mission is accomplished and we're beginning to post new features HERE. Thanks for your contributions and your patience! You've made usadeepsouth.com the best place on the Net for Southern stories.

IMPORTANT: Over the past 8 years we have published hundreds of wonderful stories from several hundred writers and our pages are now filled to the brim with no room for new articles. This means we must go in and eliminate some, and I have dreaded that task. I feel I'm "cutting my babies" - not a pleasant thing to have to do. If your stories were posted prior to 2006, please save them (if you don't already have them saved) as soon as possible. We will delete at least 150 stories, which should give us enough room for the coming year.

Please note: If you are a frequent contributor to usadeepsouth, staying in touch with us, your older stories will likely remain on the site. If there's been no contact over several years, alas, your stories will probably go. I'm sorry!

Questions? Write Ye Editor at bethjacks@hotmail.com.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now open to submissions.



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