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Southern cooking, recipes, food . . .



Carl Bartlett, Jr. - "Beer Butt Chicken"

Phil Bratcher - "Best Barbecue Sauce Ever!"

Phil Bratcher - "Lace cookies"

Phil Bratcher - "Pasta/Rice Salad/Lemon Meringue Pie/Chicken Pitas"

Phil Bratcher - "Pimento Cheese Spread"

Phil Bratcher - "Southern Breakfasts"

Phil Bratcher - "Sweet Potato Soup"

Don Drane - "Beer Butt Chicken"

Don Drane - "Southern Fried Turkey"

Eddie Draper - "Oven Fried Chicken . . . and more"

Kent Fletcher - "Chili and Beans"

Kent Fletcher - "Sauce Piquant"

Edward V. Folkes - "Okra ~ A Totally Exaggerated Family Tale"

Bettye Rozier Gibson - "A Healing Batch of Chicken and Dumplings for Southern Partakers"

Bettye Rozier Gibson - "Southern Comfort Recipes"

Steve McElfresh - "Fry Calculus" - to accompany Drane's Southern Fried Turkey

Margaret Anne Mitchell - "The fabulous stuffed egg!"

Keetha D. Reed - "Cookbook: Culinary Kudzu"

Keetha D. Reed - "Southern Ice Box Rolls"

Jane Riley - "Cooking Them Collards"

Jane Riley - "How to eat crawfish"

Amanda Wilkes Roa - "Mrs. Peacock's Peach Kuchen"

Floyd Shaman - "Czech Boy Supper"

Paula Tillery - "Southern Buttermilk Cornbread"

USADEEPSOUTH Readers - "Down-Home Desserts and Goodies"

USADEEPSOUTH Readers - "More Southern Recipes"


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