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Poems by Eddie Draper


    We all knew ole "Ditch"
    who lived behind the levee
    He fished them catfish
    beyond blind
    a legend of the line---

    Rowboat oar
    he'd guide the pole
    where no man knew but he-
    On sandbar he'd be standin' tall
    Ole "Ditch," dem worms and me---

    Mister Eddie - pull yo' line
    you sho' nuff reeled your best
    As I waken from my dream
    Ole "Ditch"
    He's fishin' yet---


    I'm just a lonesome Delta field
    left fallow to the plow
    My owner can't afford my plight
    a hundred years am I---

    Chopper's chopping - turn my weeds
    Once cotton - once was beans-
    Magnolia State forsake me not
    I still seek profit in my dreams---

    Who can afford an acre's dirt?
    No future for this earth-
    Grown men cry - a loss unheard
    A lonesome Delta field to curse---


    Peckerwood-I heed you calling me-
    the cotton gin-
    Edna Ma your hallowed walls
    Memory never fainting me
    Big Daddy nor the fields---

    Oh faith be mine-
    Old recalls serve me well-
    On Burchfield's Place
    Across the dell
    Back forty and the mules-

    The well-the shop-the old homestead
    The blacks upon the porch-
    A friend of mine was Cooterville
    And Bessy - Doris too-
    And Buddy Coon
    Who walked the ditch
    A wiser drunk unseen-

    And Eddie-Charlie
    and Robert Ed
    Our muscles flexed to toil-
    Now turn our backs
    upon the soil-
    Peckerwood deadning live on
    Live on---

    Those tractor days
    Tho' over now
    At least amongst our youth-
    We carry on and hold the grasp
    Yet still we dream the past---


    The Clevelands
    and the Boyleians
    the Merigoldians
    and the Drewians---

    Galactic war - the fiercest clan
    the target's emblem's spar
    The Tallahatchies
    glide thru space
    unseen on Rulevena---

    And Linn and all
    the Malvina court
    stand judged
    at Rosedale port---

    And Waxhaw transports
    Captain Shaw
    toward Glendora
    past the Anguilla sky---

    Oh Perthshire
    what do you desire
    on Beulah's
    landing break?

    A truce at Lillo's
    cross the table
    manna at sunburst
    If the Lelandites agree---


    Can't you hear the backyards
    'cross the neighborhood-
    Dogs in bark - fences bound
    cats prowl among the woods---

    Midnight anguish waiting still
    Silence breaks its vow-
    Stairway to a backyard grill
    The scent still guides me now---

    New mown grass on summer's eve
    Helps me remember youth-
    a squeaky seat on swaying swing
    I sip quietly on a backyard view---


    My angel must have
    just one wing
    She does not visit oft'-
    But when she soars
    around my realms
    my spirits break on loft---

    My angel must have
    just one wing
    my luck no constant streak---
    But what beauty - 'neath that wing
    Protector's guiding meek---

    My angel must have
    just one wing
    Oh fly my way and light-
    And curl yon web
    and drape my soul
    I need your wing tonight---

Eddie Draper is a native of the Mississippi Delta and is a regular contributor to USADS.
He now lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is a songwriter and musician.

Write Eddie at Gravel Road Music.


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