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Poems by Eddie Draper

    Horizons of My Heart

    Horizons of my heart
    Sunsets of my youth
    Landscapes still remembered
    Not forgotten in my view--
    Panorama's panacea
    Promising my plight
    I pledge thy podium
    Oh tonight--thy pulpit is my might--
    Longin' for a laurel world
    No speech--no sound-no curse--
    A vestige of pious realms
    No ignorance--yet verse--
    Sonnets on a sunset
    Float to truthful plains--
    Never waving--constant course
    Oh, venue long remain--
    Horizons of my heart
    Oh, faithful one who speaks--
    Tread me not on paradox
    But pay my toll to seek---

    Pianos Have Their Form of Soul

    I place my hands on some black keys,
    Leaving the white to rest--
    And this goes on for some short while
    Until I collect some tears inside--
    And then I remember the white keys' feelings
    of jealous love and
    need for want--
    How sorry then I feel--
    I mix some black and white in my song--
    No color could I find--
    But when I play with equal blacks and
    whites--My song rests another night--
    No sorrow do I feel--
    I place my hands on all--

Eddie Draper is a native of the Mississippi Delta and is a regular contributor to USADS.
He now lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is a songwriter and musician.

Write Eddie at Gravel Road Music.


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