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          About Sundays
          by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer

          (or Why the Future of Formal Religious Services Is in Peril for Families of Small Children)

          The good ones
          are when nobody spills grape jelly
          on the front of a clean shirt Mom just ironed,
          and everybody goes straight to the car
          without chasing the dog or
          going after a bug or
          over a puddle,
          and somebody doesn't yell, "OH, NO!
          at the top of his lungs
          right in front of the Esther Class window
          just after they've bowed for prayer.
          The bad ones
          are when somebody thinks the preacher's
          rhetorical questions
          require earnest, honest,
          clearly enunciated answers,
          and everybody waves at Dad in the choir loft,
          and in sign language
          loud enough to reach Borneo,
          points out their own exemplary behavior,
          and the very rude antics of their siblings,
          and nobody has a clue why
          Mom feels a headache coming on
          every Saturday night.

          From A Mother of Sons (Loyola Press)


Jayne Jaudon Ferrer is the author of four books, including one which has remained in print for almost twenty years and is currently in its third edition. A former advertising copywriter and freelance journalist, Ferrer is a native Floridian who now makes her home in Greenville, South Carolina. Her work focuses on family life and women's experiences and she is a frequent guest at book festivals and women's events around the country. For more information, visit jaynejaudonferrer.com.

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