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Edgar L. Carroll - "Blood Kin"

Charles W. Dowdy - "She Was Such A Dear"

C. Wayne Dowdy III - "The Sword of Light"

Bill Fullerton - "A Special Christmas Present"

Bill Fullerton - "Briar Patch (The)"

Bill Fullerton - "Crossed Up"

Bill Fullerton - "How You Handle A Guy"

Bill Fullerton - "I'll Always Love You"

Jim Goudelock - "Applejack and Rent Money"

Claude Jones - "Mule's Gold"

Claude Jones - "Who Has The Edge?"

Joe Lee - "Take A Tip From Me"

Joe Lee - "The Temp"

Charles H. Nipper - "Sweet Meets Mr. Richards"

Diane Payne - "Shlanda's Story"

Regina Phelps - "Hydrangea"

Carl D. Schultz - "Micky's Woods"

Dana Sieben - "On a July Evening in Beaufort"


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