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Carl Bartlett, Jr. - "Where Y'all From?"

Frank Baugh - "The Truth About My Shower"

Mike Bay - "A Turkey of a Recipe"
Mike Bay - "It's Valentine's Day: Why?"
Mike Bay - "Tornado Chasing a la Dummy"

Betty Wilson Beamguard - "Finer Cosmetics"
Betty Wilson Beamguard - "Hanging Out At The Tienda"
Betty Wilson Beamguard - "News and Weather Foibles"

Brenda Blakely - "Medicinal Grease"

Gilda Griffith Brown - "Legends of Booker County...Daddy Bea"

Jennifer Burgess - "Grits On My Overalls"

Mitch Chase - "The Skinny On The Hamburger Helper Diet"

Jackie Cooper - "Men and Their Automobiles"
Jackie Cooper - "The Customer is Always Wrong"

S. D. Craig - "I Don't Do Bugs!"

David Davis - "Goodbye, Norman Mailer, or So Long, New York, I'm Movin' South"

Marshall Dean - "Once a Yankee..."
Marshall Dean - "Spoonerisms"

Alita DeBerry - "A Little Clean Dust..."

Charles W. Dowdy - "A Writer's Bad Backhand"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Baby Room Racket"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Bad Haircuts and Wally World Donations"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Brunette Altos and a Five Year Old Wiggler"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Can You Supersize That Screaming?"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Double Trouble: Crosseyed Twins"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Expensive Dancing Specks"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Goodbye, Debt . . . Hello, Rice Cakes"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Hair plucking and Gandhi"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Hunters and Diaper Bags"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Letter to Santa"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Mother-in-law babysitting survival list"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Pregnancy Books"
Charles W. Dowdy - "President Bush, Sponge Bob, and a Banana"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Reality TV -- the real thing?"
Charles W. Dowdy - "She Was Such A Dear"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Small Towns and the 3 Second Intersection Rule"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Teeball Daddy"
Charles W. Dowdy - "This column really stinks"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Twins Journal (The)"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Waiting Room War Zone (The)"
Charles W. Dowdy - "Whatcha Doing?"

Arnold Dyre - "Be Suspicious of a Skinny Cook"
Arnold Dyre - "What Happened To Supper?"

Steve Fay - "CSA"

Edward V. Folkes - "Okra - A Totally Exaggerated Family Tale"
Edward V. Folkes - "Tales from the Withalacooche"
Edward V. Folkes - "What Is It About Grits?"

Bill Fullerton - "The Briar Patch"
Bill Fullerton - "The Other Bowl Game"

Robert Fulton - "Hallelujah!"

Michael Gafford - "The Elusive Snipe"

Harvey Gardner - "Shopping For A New Gallbladder"
Harvey Gardner - "Showing My Donkey at Hardee's"
Harvey Gardner - "The Devil Made Me Do It"

Ted Garon - "Looking For A Southern Belle"

Angela Gillaspie - "Living Southern"

Thomas Givens - "Chevrolet SSR"

G. G. Goodson - "Ah love mah frens 'n bite mah enemies"
G. G. Goodson - "Fishing Trip (The)"
G. G. Goodson - "Saturday Night Sweatin' - Tattoo"
G. G. Goodson - "Sumbuddy Anser Me!"

Ralph Gordon - "The Fishing Trip"
Ralph Gordon - "The Free Lunch"

Robert L. Hall - "The Delivery Window"
Robert L. Hall - "They Came From the Sky"

Carl Wayne Hardeman - "Southern weights and measurements"
Carl Wayne Hardeman - "Writing Southren"

Newt Harlan - "Big Hair"
Newt Harlan - "Bugs"
Newt Harlan - "Dog Days"
Newt Harlan - "Earworms"
Newt Harlan - "Multi-tasking"
Newt Harlan - "Ol' Red and the Armadillo"
Newt Harlan - "Railroad Money"
Newt Harlan - "Snake Tales"

Rick Hendrix - "Waking Early"

Bonnie B. Horton - "Doughnuts, Fries, and Lies"

Dave Hovey - "New Boots"
Dave Hovey - "Straw Man (The)"

Ann Ipock - "Aging mailbox puts Ipock in doghouse"
Ann Ipock - "Driving laws address inattentional blindness -- huh?"
Ann Ipock - "Makeovers for Men"
Ann Ipock - "Training Men to Clean"

Beth Boswell Jacks - "Aaah, Those Awesome Altos!"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "A Towel Piece ~ A Tribute, Of Sorts"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "A Word From Miz Chili Pepper"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Birdwatchers Have More Fun"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Class Reunion Advice from a BMOC"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Confessions of a Killer"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Conquering the Wild Blue Yonder"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Diary of a Mad Strutter"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Eating Dirt"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Elvis 101"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Explaining the Harley Zoom Zoom Syndrome"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Garden Club Gab"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Getting My Get-Up-And-Go To Go With My Get-Up"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Gifts ~~ Wild and Wacky!"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Good Wife's Horse Tale (The)"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Granny Does The Shoshone"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "High Heels Get the Pitcheroo"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Highway Divas"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "It Was A Dark and Stormy Night"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Kissing Lesson"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Love me some boys!"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "My Pet Fat inspires inventor wannabe"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "My Rendezvous With Gene Hackman"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "My New Year Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down List"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Oranges and nuts"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Searching for the inner animal"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Ski humor: Warning to hotshots -- shhh!"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Spring Cleaning: Here We Go 'Round In Circles"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Station Wagons are Cool Again"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Ten Ways For Deep South Folks To Entertain Telemarketers"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Thanksgiving Humor ~ Granny Confession"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "To Edith and Bill, With Love"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "To Ski or Not To Ski"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Trail rides, cantles and beans"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "Where's George?"
Beth Boswell Jacks - "World Peace, One Pair Of Bloomers At A Time"

Victor Johnson - "Mississippi Roots and Graceland"

Pat Keadle - "Toads, Cooters, Tubs and Ying"

Jack Kean - "A Survival Guide For Newly Married Men"
Jack Kean - "Hey, Paw, We Got Bagels?"
Jack Kean - "Ketchup Bottles and Manhood"

Joe Lee - "Book Signings: Survival of the Fittest"

Beverly C. Lucey - "Heavy hors d'oeuvres and swamp gravy"

Thomas Lynn - "Belles of the South"


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