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Jones Bayou
by Tom Givens

Jones Bayou. This picturesque body of water begins somewhere north of Cleveland in the Mississippi Delta. (Maybe some of you readers here at USADEEPSOUTH can tell us where the mouth of this great stream is actually located.)

Anyway, Jones Bayou winds its way through Cleveland as it has for eons. In long gone years, there was some doubt as to how much stuff other than what should have gone in there went in there, but for some time Cleveland has had a sewage treatment plant; hopefully the plant took care of a great deal of the stuff.

The stream followed the Pea Vine road, now know as the Linn Road. It flowed by some interesting places--one in patricular, Campbellís Store. Basically, Campbellís Store was the commuity center then. In fact, when my grandaddy got his telephone, his address was listed as "Campbells Store."

Henry Campbell held forth at the store--a sort of honorary social organizer or something. After he left the scene, the store hung in there for several years. but faded away some time ago.

After Jones Bayou left Campbellís Store, it followed the Pea Vine road on down to Linn. On the way it passed the Meddersí place, the Linn Methodist Church, and I guess it goes by Steiner, winding up somewhere south of there.

Jones Bayou has touched so many lives. Could it speak, this little stream would have some tales to tell. Iím sure of that.


Judge Tom Givens was born and bred in the Mississippi Delta. Heís a regular contributor to USADEEPSOUTH with his humor pieces and short memoirs.

Readers may contact him at DeltaJudge

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