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Happy Motoring
by Carl Bartlett, Jr.

On my way to North Carolina a few weeks ago I pulled off at a convenience store on I 95 for a pit stop. There was actually a sign above the urinal in the men's room that read, "Please Do Not Remove Air Freshener From Urinal. Thank You, Mgr.”

I just had to ask the clerk if this was really a problem. Her answer was “Oh, yes! They just disappear.”

Are you asking yourself the same question that I am?

Why would anyone take this thing? Are they hanging them from rear view mirrors instead of those little trees? And another thought is that the things are dissolving as they are supposed to do and these people just don't know it. Maybe?

But if the air fresheners are being stolen, I'm sure the placement of the sign will be enough to stop the criminal element.

Happy motoring.

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