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From the Southern Press
Enjoy these articles of interest from newspapers around the South.
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~~~Sonny Brewer - phenomenal promoter of Southern writing by Jerry Mitchell/Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~John Milton Wesley counts Mississippi blessings in prose and poetry by Orley Hood/Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~The famous Whiskey Speech ~ N. S. Sweat, Jr by Orley Hood/Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~Mystery of the Mississippi Indian Mounds (with map) by Bernadette Cahill/Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~Wild Turkey: It's not just how you play the game, but how you cook it by Courtney Taylor/Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~Storyteller takes humorous look at rural upbringing by Don McKinney/ Hilton Head - Bluffton, SC The Island Packet

~~~Preserving historical sites: Old Bridgeport Road, South Mississippi by Orley Hood/ Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~Southern Studies at Ole Miss hits the big 2-5 by Sherry Lucas/Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~A Pontiac, Olds, and visions of grandeur by Jack Bertram/Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~Elvis is still a part of us by Orley Hood/Jackson, Miss. Clarion Ledger

~~~Pear relish--a savory southern tradition by Jenny Brule/Augusta SC Chronicle

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