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David Adams - "Dredge"

Kenny Antigues - "Ode to Baseball Brothers"

Danny Barbare - "Replacing a Light" and "The Maple Tree"

Carolyn Bertram-Arnold - "Two Poems"

Phil Bratcher - "A Sampling - I"

Phil Bratcher - "Three Poems - II"

Phil Bratcher - "Poems - III"

Phil Bratcher - "Poems IV"

Phil Bratcher - "Remember All Of Love"

Charles Clifford Brooks III - "Poems"

Aamie Burnley - "February 7"

Aamie Burnley - "January 1"

Aamie Burnley - "March 31"

Lori C. Byington - "Civil War on Carmack's Farm"

Jerry Calow - "Tribute to Veterans"

Ian T. Cully - "To Keep Kentucky Free"

David Campbell - "Happiness is . . ."

Susan Cushman - "Imperfect Peace (The)"

David Davis - "Fiddle Man"

Darby Diana (Beattie) - "Bourbon Street"

Abe Draper - "Soldier"

Eddie Draper - "Firefly" -- and selected poems

Eddie Draper - "Calm Is All We Need"

Eddie Draper - "I Wonder Where That Breeze Has Been"

Eddie Draper - "My First-Grader's First Picture"

Eddie Draper - "Poems"

Eddie Draper - "Upon One Delta Night" . . . and more

Terry Everett - "A Stand of Trees"

Terry Everett - "Coyote Comes to Great River"

Terry Everett - "In April Somewhere in the South"

Terry Everett - "Neither Time Nor Place"

Terry Everett - "Sprints"

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer - "About Sundays"

Ralph Gordon - "Lady Longwood"

Judy Lee Green - "The Two-Holer"

Carl Wayne Hardeman - "Ode to Bermuda Grass"

Janice Harris - "Creeper"

Janice Harris - "Heritage"

Jane-Ann Heitmueller - "Why, Granny?"

Jim Hester - "The Honer"

Bonnie B. Horton - "Poems"

Bonnie B. Horton - "Two Poems"

Beth Boswell Jacks - "Blues Highway - 61"

Beth Boswell Jacks - "Children's Poems"

Beth Boswell Jacks - "Class Reunion Advice"

Jamie Ferguson Jacks and Will Jacks - "Highway 61"

Curtis L. Johnson, Sr. - "Mattson, Mississippi"

Claude Jones - "Compose"

Claude Jones - "Two Poems"

Claude Jones - "Two Poems - II"

PJ (Paul Jones) - "A Visit To Heaven"

PJ (Paul Jones) - "Two Poems"

Sandi Keaton-Wilson - "Poems"

Gail Livesay - "Laundry Day"

Gail Livesay - "My Oldest Brother"

Gail Livesay - "Two Poems"

Melanie McCranie Mansfield - "Two Poems: Sons"

Ms Southern Orchid - "Three Ladies, a Canoe . . . and a Gator"

Eileen Murray - "Things"

Patricia Neely-Dorsey - "Magnolia Poems"

David Norris - "Du Cafe au Lait"

Larry Pace - "Kudzu"

Larry Pace - "She Always Got Her Fish"

Eric W. Pelkey - "The River Bend"

Avis Corley Porter - "Mississippi Poems"

David Ray - "David Ray, poet"

Jane Riley - "Brother Star, Sister Moon"

David Ritchie - "Poems"

Brenda Parris Sibley - "Out That Door" - Alzheimers

Garland Strother - "Two Poems"

Larry Thompson - "The Chicken"

George T. Turner - "Old Memories"

John Milton Wesley - "Son Child"

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