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Waiting for Elvis
by Roberta Beach Jacobson

Southern son and King of Rock-and-Roll, Elvis Presley
once charmed the citizenry of the German town he called home
while serving in the U.S. Army. Roberta Beach Jacobson visits
and waits for the pink Cadillac.


Gas station and kiosk workers in the German spa town of Bad Nauheim are used to getting the question, "Where's Elvis?" They‘re happy to give us directions to the house army draftee Elvis Presley rented there in 1958.

It is described in books and magazines as a ‘villa‘ or ‘palace,‘ but truthfully the simple two-story house is much like the others lining Goethe Strasse. I stared at it, trying in a way to recapture the spirit of my youth. House number 14 usually had eager fans milling about outside, hoping to meet their idol. But that was four decades ago. We fans have become a tad older and surprisingly slower.

Neighbors fondly recall how the king of rock-and-roll posed for photos with fans at the gate and signed autographs. I waited to see if a pink Cadillac might pull up, but it was not to be.

In my heart, I understand it‘s not sane to live in the past. But sometimes you just want to turn back the clock a little and enjoy the "good old days" again -- even briefly.

On March 2, 1960, Germans bid auf wiedersehen to the Southern gentleman as he flew back to the land of his birth. Germans are reluctant to let go of his teen image. Friedberg, the nearby town where he was stationed, has dedicated Elvis Presley Square.

Located on the town's main street, a plaque at the square bears a photo of youthful Elvis in his military uniform. There are flowers galore, some tearful fans, and even more camera-toting tourists.

It‘s the sort of place where we of a more advanced age can sit outside at a nearby cafe and comfortably observe. We probably know that pink Cadillac isn‘t going to show up here either, but we can hope just a little. And we‘re certainly in no hurry to leave and get back to reality.

After all, we wouldn‘t want to miss anything.


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COMMENT FROM: Mike Kingdom-Hockings
ELVIS - RBJ Nice piece of nostalgia, Roberta. Hope we all find time to sit & reminisce from time to time in this hectic world.

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