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by Beth Boswell Jacks

Freelance columnist and USADEEPSOUTH editor Beth Boswell Jacks pens a weekly column titled "Snippets" which appears in a number of Southern newspapers. The following articles are representative of "Snippets." Please contact Jacks for permission to reprint. Thanks.

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"Jacks is one of those Deep South writers whose works have a distinctive regional flavor but transcend the South to appeal to people of all regions and all persuasions. She's a gentle kind of writer who can dissect an issue without drawing blood. Enjoy her writing with your morning coffee, your afternoon tea or your evening whatever. It will enhance the experience." -- Gene Owens, columnist, Greasepit Grammar



A Chilling Afternoon

An Organist Rant

Arts at the Ellis ~ a dream coming true

A Word From Miz Chili Pepper

Awww, Those Awesome Altos!

Birdwatchers Have More Fun

Coming of Age With WLAC

Confessions of a Killer

Country Mouse Offers Tribute to NYC

Dance - The Soul's Hidden Language

Diary of a Mad Strutter

Eating Dirt~~All the facts you never wanted to know

Elvis 101

Food of a Younger Land (The) ~ book review

Explaining the Harley Zoom Zoom Syndrome

Garden Club Gab

Getting My Get-Up-And-Go To Go With My Get-Up

Getting My Mojo Workin'

Gifts ~~ Wild and Wacky!

Good Wife's Horse Tale (The)

Here We Go 'Round in More Circles ... Hula Hoops

Highway Divas

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

Kissing Lesson

My Cousin, My Friend

My Rendezvous With Gene Hackman

Oranges and Nuts - Christmas humor

Peace Corps Volunteer - Ben Skelton

Sallie Astor Burdine - author leaves legacy

Searching for the Inner Animal

Southern Speak

Sparkle Plenty Bombs

Speed Dating ~ A race to romance

Station Wagons ~ Cool Again!

Surviving S. P. S.

Ten Ways For Deep South Folks To Entertain Telemarketers

This Name's For You

To Edith and Bill, With Love

To Ski or Not To Ski

Tour de France Observations

World Peace - One Pair Of Bloomers At A Time

You Fill Up My Senses

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