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Southern Women
From Off the Net

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Southern women know bad manners when they see them:
~~~~~~Drinking straight out of a can
~~~~~~Not sending thank you notes
~~~~~~Velvet after February
~~~~~~White shoes before Easter or after Labor Day

Southern women appreciate their natural assets:
~~~~~~Dewy skin
~~~~~~A winning smile
~~~~~~That unforgettable drawl

Southern women know their manners:
~~~~~~"Yes, ma'am"
~~~~~~"Yes, sir"

Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions:
~~~~~~"Y'all come back!"
~~~~~~"Well, bless your heart."
~~~~~~"Drop by when you can."
~~~~~~"How's your mama?"
~~~~~~"Love your hair."

Southern women know their summer weather report:

Southern women know the joys of June, July, and August:
~~~~~~Summer tans
~~~~~~Wide brimmed hats
~~~~~~Adorable sandals

Southern women know everybody's first name:

Southern women know the movies that speak to their hearts:
~~~~~~Driving Miss Daisy
~~~~~~Steel Magnolias
~~~~~~Fried Green Tomatoes

Southern women know their religions:

Southern women know their country breakfasts:
~~~~~~Country ham
~~~~~~Mouth-watering, homemade biscuits

Southern women know their p's &q's:
~~~~~~"P"ecan pie (pronounced "puh con" not pee-can)
~~~~~~"P"ralines (pronounced "praw-leens" not "pray-leens")

Southern girls know the four deadly sins:
~~~~~~Bad hair
~~~~~~Bad manners
~~~~~~Bad blind dates
~~~~~~Bad Dancers

Southern girls know men may come and go, but girlfriends are fo'evah!
Look awaaaaay, Dixie!


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