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Want to leave a comment or question about an article? Send your message to USADEEPSOUTH editor. In the subject box of your message, please type the name of the article you're addressing. If commenting on the site in general, indicate by typing "general comment" in the subject box. We would appreciate your telling us if you'd like your name and E-mail address published with your comment. If you don't include your consent in the message, your name/E-mail address will not be posted.

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Submission Guidelines

We no longer post quarterly issues of USADEEPSOUTH; instead, we now keep a page of story titles with links/authors. Stories will rotate off the list after several months but will continue to be listed on the Articles pages as long as the writers want them to stay . . . or until we run out of space at USADS. We are now able to accept new submissions. First come, first served.

USADEEPSOUTH features writers and writing about the USA South and all things Southern. Writers do not have to be from the South, but the topic must be Southern or of special interest to Southerners.

These topics can include travel, food, interesting people, art, music, crafts, literature, Southern-Speak, links, memoirs, humor, short shorts and more. Anything Southern is a go.

An article should be approximately 300-800 words in length, plain text in the body of your E-mail message. Please, submissions must be no longer than 800 words -- and no attachments.

We would like to see poetry with Southern themes. Poetry should be no longer than forty (40) lines.

And for you?
We will include a link to your article/story/poem on a "Current Features" page; we will also post your bio and links. There's no monetary payment at this time for submitted work -- only great search engine ranking for exposure to appreciative readers.

Legal information
By submitting your article, you agree that we reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar, or excessive length, and to make other revisions if necessary. Any changes other than spelling and grammar will be subject to your approval.

Your submission confirms that the material is your original work and that you are the legal copyright holder of the submitted work.

By submitting your work, you give USADEEPSOUTH a non-exclusive, revocable right to electronically publish your work. You retain all copyrights to your work and may request that your article be removed from our site at any time.

To submit, send your article in the body of an E-mail. No attachments. Please put Submission/ (Title of your work) in the subject line.

Include your full or pen name, E-mail address, credentials, and affiliations.

Send submissions or questions to USADEEPSOUTH EDITOR

And thanks! We look forward to featuring your work.

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