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Excerpt: Swivel Hips, Pitiful and Ugly Mug
by Bonnie Gibson

It was a beautiful autumn day. The leaves were all different shades of color, falling to the ground with the graceful uplift of the wind keeping them sailing through the air until just the right time to deposit them onto the ground and into the grass that had been stung by an early frost. But this wasn't to be the day that I had hoped for. This wasn't to be a normal day, for my mother was to be buried today. A loving woman, always working to make the home a better place. Doing all the things that a mother does. Loving her children and taking care of an aged husband, my father.

As the hearse approached the cemetery, I felt a knot inside my stomach that wouldn't give in. I was to put my dear mother in the ground today -- the mother I had cherished all my life.

"I can get through this. Yes, with God's help I can do this. I can bury my dear mother, and go on with my life. I still have all the memories, all the stories that I was told by my parents, things that happened before I was born and all I have withnessed throughout my days with her."

My mom and dad were married in 1940. A few years later, Pearl Harbor was bombed. WWII was calling all available young men to come fight for their country. My dad was drafted and had to leave my mother, five months pregnant with my oldest brother James. Off Dad went into a world that was unknown to him, not knowing if he would ever return to see his wife again, or to see the child she was carrying.


Bonnie Harvell Gibson was born in Lamison, Alabama, a small town in the South. She grew up with three brothers and two sisters. She married John Gibson in 1971 and they have three children and three grandchildren. Bonnie owned and operated an assisted living facility for three years. Currently she manages an office for her husband's home building business. They live in Thomasville, Alabama.

Order information for Swivel Hips, Pitiful and Ugly Mug:

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[ISBN 1-4137-3325-5]
Telephone orders: 301-695-1707

visit Bonnie's website: BONNIE GIBSON

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