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[Note from Ye Editor: Several years ago I edited a fascinating book of World War II memories recorded by George T. Turner, one of the most precious humans ever to walk God’s green earth. I knew George could tell a story, but had no idea he was also a poet. USADEEPSOUTH is pleased to publish this moving poem which was written by George in memory of family and friends who gave their lives in World War II.]

by George T. Turner

A long time ago across the sea,
I knew a place named Normandy
Where armies filled with their country’s pride
Met on the fields and fought and died.

From a beach named Omaha,
St.-Jean-De-Daye and Vireville draw,
The River Vire and Carentan,
St. Lo of Manche and Mortain.

Thousands of hedgerows, thousands of fields,
Thousands of foxholes for a shield.
Thousands of shells from thousands of guns,
Thousands of soldiers forever gone.

A Purple Heart. An Iron Cross.
A small award for such a loss.

I go back and look and want to cry
At graves of men too young to die.
Only God knows why there was no grave for me,
A long time ago across the sea.


Written By George T. Turner
~~ In Memory Of ~~

My Brother, Joe M. Turner, P.F.C.
Rifle Company “C”, 302 Infantry Regiment
Killed in action April 15, 1945, near Krefield, Germany

My Platoon Leader, John J. Schneider, Lt.
Rifle Company “G”, 117 Infantry Regiment
Killed in action July 13, 1944, near St. Lo in Normandy

A good friend and good soldier, Roger W. Nelson, CPL.
Rifle Company “G”, 117 Infantry Regiment
Killed in action July 15, 1944, near St. Lo in Normandy



George T. Turner was born in 1923 in Houlka, Mississippi, the sixth child of eight to John William and Mary Viola Tutor Turner. He grew up in Mississippi from the hills to the Delta, and has called Cleveland home for the past 60 years. George, along with his four brothers, served in World War II all at the same time. George's love and zeal for America is admired and cherished by his family and friends.

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